Stop Lying to Yourself.


Today’s halqa covered the topic of time management. More specifically, how we make time for physical, emotional, spiritual and social aspects of our lives. If we have to prioritise activities for each of these every day, which one would automatically be number one? As Muslims, obviously, we answer spiritual should be first but how often is that really true. Do our words really transform into action?

Take for example Fajr salaah in Jamaah, if the spiritual dimension is number one, how often do we actually pray Fajr Salaah at the mosque? I certainly don’t.

So I have to ask myself, am I really treating the spiritual dimension in my life as a priority?

Ironically, although we give less priority to this spiritual aspect, it is the one thing that will help us acheive all other aspects. For example taking time to start the day with Quran recitation may feel like it’s delaying you from starting your tasks for the day but actually that time will give you so much more barakah – in your time, mindset, abilities, etc.

When we talk about the spiritual dimension, we might think its all up in the air and not very tangible. But what it really is, is our connection with Allah (SWT). So now ask yourself – “Do I prioritise connecting with Allah(SWT) over everything in my life?”

In order to keep ourselves on the straight path we need to be, first and foremost, honest with ourselves as to where we are right now with regards to our connection with Allah (SWT) and what we are going to do to improve that connection.