How To Get Close to Allah(SWT) When You’re SO BUSY!

I get it. I’m sure most of us do. With the way the world is connected today, everything is moving faster, boundaries are falling when it comes to the many parts of ourselves.  Work life blends into home life which blends in to our social lives…. etc., etc.  In all our “busy-ness” and struggle to separate these different parts of ourselves, how can we connect and get close to Allah (SWT).

“Don’t we need time and space to sit for a few minutes so that we can get  close to Allah? Sometimes I just barely have time to make my salaah before getting back to work!”

I know how you feel and you’re not the only person to have this thought float to the surface and then you feel bad because, really, shouldn’t you be finding time to get close to Allah? Well, recognising that you need to, and want to, get closer to Allah(SWT) is already a first step which you will get rewarded for insha’Allah.  May Allah (SWT) reward you for clicking on whatever link you did because this topic resonated with you, and believe me, you are not alone.

First, recognise that our ibaadah is not limited to the 5 pillars of Islam alone. Yes, they are important and we have to tend to these first, but… our entire lives as Muslims can be ibaadah should we make the correct intention.  For example, “Oh Allah, I am going to work today so that I can earn Halal income in order to take care of my family as is your command.”  or some variation of that… you’ve just turned your work commute into ibaadah, you get rewarded for sitting on a train and reading your book, listening to your podcast, or whatever… AND its a small step to getting closer to Allah(SWT)!

How absolutely awesome is this?!?  Think about the implications, our entire lives can become ibaadah, one big swirling journey to Allah(SWT). Alhamdulillah.  This isn’t easy, however, this takes a mix of will and mindfulness. We are already stuck in our day-to-day habits where we just go through the motions and are unaware of life around us and more importantly, what it means and how it affects us.  So take time, one little piece of life at a time. Choose it, reframe it with your intention and try to live it that way every day. Remember that Allah (SWT) loves the smaller actions that are done consistently more than the big grand gestured which are done only once.

After this hard work, you will see little aspects of your life change as well because of the barakah your actions will bring.  You will see Allah (SWT) in every day little things when you pay attention to it.  you will see His hand in your daily life. I have seen this my self and I realised that it’s just little things where you see the sign of Allah(SWT) and it might be something very mundane but you get this feeling and realise that what you’re looking at has a very special message for you and you alone.  It’s hard to describe, but trust me… follow what I’ve mentioned above and insha’Allah you will see for your self.

The main message here is that you should turn your daily life into one where you are constantly aware of Allah(SWT), this will change your perspective which will lead to your actions changing and insha’Allah your life in this world will only change for the better and in turn build your Aakhirah as well.

May Allah(SWT) guide us all to the path which gets us closer to Him.

Trusting in Allah All of the Time.

Photo source: MuslimahzandMe’s blog

Recently, I’ve been in a position which has really scared me. I’m sure most of us have been in this situation where we face a loss of some kind, whether it’s wealth, a loved one, something we hold dear. The fear is borne out of not knowing any reality outside of having that wealth, person, thing in our lives. This is truly where the “test” comes in. Our faith being put up front and centre and having us face it dead on. Making a definite choice of what we believe because it will affect our next actions and contribute to the type of person we become.

It’s hard and it’s a choice. Knowing that Allah(SWT) is the all-sustaining, the One in whose hand all things are dependent. We can own nothing, we can do nothing without His knowledge and without His will. Our perspectives are dependent on a finite reality which deceives us at every turn. Making us believe that this is all there is, that it is really important, that it deserves all of our being dedicated to it. A slow burn to Shirk. The reality is that we do not need anything in this world, our only purpose is to worship Allah(SWT) through everything we do and that means doing our best in our relationships and our work in this world to achieve that end.

The circumstances in which our work and relationships build and decline are not dependent on us but are part of the test in which Allah(SWT) wants to see where our loyalty truly lies. Do we really depend on ourselves, our wealth, our family ties, our friends and our material possessions… or do we truly depend on HIM.

Regarding this, I’ve found how Allah(SWT) has made it so easy for us to remind ourselves and turn to him every single day. The five daily Salaah put us constantly having the opportunity to turn to Him. Where we have to remind ourselves that He is our only help, the Only One we worship. There can be no help without Him. All of the things we depend on in this world ultimately depend on Him as well. We are who we are because of Him.

“The coolness of my soul is in the Prayer.” (An Nasa’i, 3940)

It is in this realisation that we can find peace in our situations. But it does take that leap of faith because we do not know what the future holds, what is going to happen next. We can only ask of Him and believe that the best will come to pass. Allah (SWT) does not burden a Muslim with anything more than he can bear and he rewards those who believe in him through any trials they go through depending only on Him. This is a fact. This is His sunnah.

“Do not lose heart against the heaviest trials and never be in a state of grief, for you are bound to succeed if you are true in faith. [Quran, Surah: Al-Imran, Verse: 139]”

It makes us realise that we do not need to be afraid anymore, of anything or anyone in this world. We are in the service of Allah (SWT) and He is our Protector, our Sustainer. The little dance we go through in this world are just that… a shifting of resources and relationships all leading to our ultimate destination – where we have to face Him and account for ourselves and our actions. If there is anything that should worry us it is that. Are our actions truly in line with pleasing Allah(SWT)?

So, with this in mind, I hope you realise that the only first action you need to take is to turn to Allah and trust in Him. I can guarantee that this trust is never misplaced. Allah (SWT) is always there for those who turn to Him.

“O you who believe! Seek help in patience and the Prayer.” (Quran, Al-Bakarah:153)

May Allah(SWT) make your journey in this world easy for you, help you turn to Him and Him alone… and grant you success in this world and the next.


How Our Entire Body Remembers Allah(SWT)

I’ve been on a course recently on the Life in the Hereafter and once of the things which have stood out for me was the aspect of how every part of our body has its own way of remembering Allah(SWT).

“Two eyes will not be touched by fire; an eye that sheds a tear out of the fear of Allah and an eye that spends the night inthe service of Allah.” [Tirmidhi]

From the above hadith we can understand that the eye’s way of remembering Allah is to shed a tear, obviously tied in with the emotion behind it – the fear and awe of our Creator and Sustainer. This also points to the understanding that the other parts of our body have their ways of remembering Allah (SWT) as well. For example, the skin would be the shivering or the hairs standing up on our arms, the hands would be it’s being lifted up for dua, the mouth will be the dhikr of Allah(SWT), the legs would be the walking towards good actions or the pain it feels from sitting in Salaah, the entire body could be it’s tiredness from ibaadah.

We should acknowledge these forms of the remeberance of Allah(SWT) and aim to make our entire bodies reverberate with Ibaadah in His name. He is our sustainer and Creator, He has given us so many mercies and goodness in this life, it is only fitting that we submit our entire being to him in everything we do.