How Our Entire Body Remembers Allah(SWT)

I’ve been on a course recently on the Life in the Hereafter and once of the things which have stood out for me was the aspect of how every part of our body has its own way of remembering Allah(SWT).

“Two eyes will not be touched by fire; an eye that sheds a tear out of the fear of Allah and an eye that spends the night inthe service of Allah.” [Tirmidhi]

From the above hadith we can understand that the eye’s way of remembering Allah is to shed a tear, obviously tied in with the emotion behind it – the fear and awe of our Creator and Sustainer. This also points to the understanding that the other parts of our body have their ways of remembering Allah (SWT) as well. For example, the skin would be the shivering or the hairs standing up on our arms, the hands would be it’s being lifted up for dua, the mouth will be the dhikr of Allah(SWT), the legs would be the walking towards good actions or the pain it feels from sitting in Salaah, the entire body could be it’s tiredness from ibaadah.

We should acknowledge these forms of the remeberance of Allah(SWT) and aim to make our entire bodies reverberate with Ibaadah in His name. He is our sustainer and Creator, He has given us so many mercies and goodness in this life, it is only fitting that we submit our entire being to him in everything we do.


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